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Our marketing strategies are based on a deep understanding of your target audiences, and the expertise to communicate with them in the right place, at the right time, and with content that cuts through.

We look after everything from Media Planning & Buying, Copywriting, Search and Content Marketing, all the way through to Conversion Rate Optimisation, Personalisation and Social Media Campaigns.

Media planning & buying

We offer planning and buying across all aspects of the media landscape, including paid, TV, radio, press, digital and out of home. We take the complexity out of identifying the right channels and placements for clients to ensure all plans are fully integrated and deliver the most effective media mix for the campaign KPIs and target audience. All plans are bespoke, and we always strive to make budgets work as hard as they can. Campaigns are continuously optimised, and flexibility is key – if something isn’t working, we change it.



Bespoke copywriting is key to make every ad, every interaction and every post feel personalised to your brand or service. We take the message very seriously, because if that doesn’t land, nothing else really will.


Social media

Social media by its very nature is fast moving and constantly evolving. Our social team make it their job to keep up-to-date and keep you up-to-speed ensuring you’re on the right platforms at the right time with the right content to reach your audience. And of course, we always make your social channels an extension of your brand, tone of voice and messaging, all tailored to formats your audience will like, retweet and double-tap.



We know that your customers are more likely to make repeat purchases from brands that personalise. And we use data from a variety of sources to identify and connect with new and existing customers to give them the most connected and personalised experience.


Search marketing

We can look after this whole process from start to finish, as well as taking into consideration a range of demographic, seasonal and geo-targeting metrics – for instance if your target keyword(s) are likely to have a different meaning to young men than they do to older women – our paid search expertise allows you the scope to only have ad results shown to the former demographic.


Content marketing

So what’s the difference between content and creative content? Is it the message, the medium or the outcome? Well, at Dog, it’s a mixture of these three parameters and so much more. Creative Content isn’t content for content’s sake, it’s about continuously distilling and advertising a campaign message through each piece of collateral to elicit a specific response. Our team of animators, designers and writers are creatives that are results-focused, so everything looks and sounds amazing, but crucially, it hits your targets too.


Conversion rate optimisation

Our aim is always to increase the percentage of your consumers that visit your site. But we want to give them reasons to keep coming back – and keep buying your product or service too. We optimise conversion rate by providing enhanced content, workflow improvements and split testing which can result in increased revenue, better or more highly qualified leads as well as lower acquisition costs.


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